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Canine Carrier™ - Dog Backpack

Canine Carrier™ - Dog Backpack

❣️Love this bag for hiking - Alison G.

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Introducing the Canine Carrier™: The Ultimate Travel Companion for Your Furry Friend

Discover the Canine Carrier™, the epitome of pet travel convenience. With its spacious and well-ventilated design, adjustable straps, and sleek aesthetics, it offers both comfort and style. Make every journey a breeze for your beloved pet with this must-have travel companion.


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Discover Amazing Benefits of The Canine Carrier™

Enhanced Safety and Security

The Canine Carrier™ prioritizes your pet's safety with its Safety cable attached inside the Bag, ensuring a secure space during travel. It provides peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is protected throughout the journey.

Maximum Comfort and Coziness

Designed with your pet's comfort in mind, the Canine Carrier™ features soft padding and ample space for your pet to relax. Its well-ventilated design promotes proper airflow, keeping your pet cool and comfortable during travel.

Stylish and Fashionable

The Canine Carrier™ combines functionality with modern aesthetics, offering a range of fashionable colors and patterns to suit your pet's unique style. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement while traveling with your furry companion.

Versatile and Convenient

Whether you're traveling by car, train, or plane, the Canine Carrier™ is designed to meet travel regulations, making it a versatile choice for various modes of transportation. It is also easy to carry and store when not in use, adding convenience to your travel experience.

Unforgettable Adventures Together

With the Canine Carrier™, you can embark on new adventures and create lasting memories with your pet. It enables you to take your furry friend along for outings, hikes, and trips, strengthening the bond between you and adding joy to your shared experiences.

More about Canine Carrier™

Some Details

Material: Polyester

Season: All season

Feature: Breathable Mesh

Item Type: Backpacks

Applicable Breed: Small Dog Breeds/Cats/Small Pets

Sizing Details

S:   Width 30cm, Height 34cm, Thickness 16cm
M:  Width 36cm Height 45cm Thick 21cm
L:   Width 41cm, Height 55cm, Thickness 24cm

What's in the Box

1 × Canine Carrier™- Pet Backpack


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What are the dimensions of the Canine Carrier™?

The Canine Carrier™ dimensions vary based on the size you choose. Please refer to the product specifications for detailed measurements.

Is the Canine Carrier™ suitable for all dog sizes and breeds?

The Canine Carrier™ comes in different sizes to accommodate a wide range of dog sizes and breeds. Ensure to choose the appropriate size based on your dog's measurements.

Is the Canine Carrier™ approved for airline travel?

Yes, the Canine Carrier™ is designed to meet most airline requirements for in-cabin pet travel. However, it is always recommended to check with the specific airline for their guidelines and restrictions.

How can I ensure my pet's comfort inside the Canine Carrier™?

The Canine Carrier™ is designed with your pet's comfort in mind. It features soft padding, proper ventilation, and enough space for your pet to lie down and move comfortably during travel.

What materials is the Canine Carrier™ made of?

The Canine Carrier™ is made of durable and pet-safe materials such as high-quality fabric, mesh panels for ventilation, and sturdy zippers for secure closure.

Can I clean the Canine Carrier™ easily?

Yes, the Canine Carrier™ is designed for easy cleaning. You can easily clean it by a machine wash.

Does the Canine Carrier™ have adjustable straps for a secure and comfortable fit?

Yes, the Canine Carrier™ is equipped with adjustable straps to ensure a secure and customized fit for both your comfort and your pet's comfort during travel.

What is the weight capacity of the Canine Carrier™?

The weight capacity of the Canine Carrier™ varies based on the size and model. Please refer to the product specifications for the specific weight capacity for each size.

Does the Canine Carrier™ have proper ventilation for my pet?

Yes, the Canine Carrier™ is designed with proper ventilation, featuring mesh panels or windows that provide airflow and help keep your pet cool and comfortable.

Can I use the Canine Carrier™ for other pets besides dogs?

While the Canine Carrier™ is primarily designed for dogs, it may also be suitable for other small pets, such as cats or rabbits. Consider the size and needs of your specific pet before making a purchase.